Henri Cartier Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson - Masters Of PhotographyHenri Cartier-Bresson. Rue Mouffetard, Paris. 1954 | MoMAHenri Cartier-Bresson. Berlin Wall. 1963 | MoMAI personally feel like Henri Cartier really captures the moment with his images. I also feel like the aspect of them being black and white sets a mood. In which I feel as if images in color do not achieve. His way of capturing the moment while the people in the images are not posing but just going along with their day. This definitely conveys a side of life in which could not be done without photojournalism. His images without a doubt tell a story. There is a background in which could not happen if the photograph was staged. I feel as if Cartier shows not only the moment but the emotion within the people he captures. His images are unlike any other normal photographer for the fact that he captures history. Overall black and white images convey history like never before.


In order to become a Photojournalist you will need to earn a bachelor’s degree in either journalism, communications, or photography. Another way is to just have Journalism as a minor. You will need much practice with no only photography and taking photographs, but taking photographs in which tell a story, in which have a background behind them. Many photojournalists will need basic equipment such as cameras, extra batteries, external light sources, and chargers. Other equipment are also needed depending on the situation of course, it differs for everyone.


Photography Fields

  1. Fashion Photographer- $40, 970
  2. Sports Photographer- $37, 189
  3. Architectural Photographer- $51,847
  4. Wedding Photographer- $96,097
  5. Wildlife Photographer- $40,676
  6. Landscape Photographer- $56,009
  7. Macro Photographer- $34,000
  8. Food Photographer – $42,000
  9. Photojournalist Photographer- $41,000
  10. Still Life Photographer- $72,555

I am honestly not too sure as of right now what career choice I will pursue in the future. I have been thinking a lot about it recently and something in which catches my attention is a dermatologist nurse practitioner. I honestly do not think photography could be involved in my career pathway, other than the fact that maybe I could take before and after photos of the patients skin, that would be the only way I could think about, if not I don’t think photography could have anything to do with my career.

Shoot like Aaron Siskind

I used the editing feature on the regular photo/camera app on my phone for these two images.

Aaron Siskind | Jerome, Arizona, (1949/1970s) | Available for Sale | Artsy

This image by Aaron Siskind really caught my attention. It caught my attention because of the amount of detail in which was put into it. It could have been something very simple such as cardboard but the texture is very interesting. His work is quite interesting an different something I’ve never seen before.

History of Photography Timeline

An event that has taken an impact on my life to this day has been to start of with when the first camera was camera obscuras were beginning to take place during the ancient times. This was the very beginning of photography in which changed many peoples life. Due to this event many have been able to record history ever since that moment with images. They are able to capture the moment in a way were we could see with our own eyes how life was in the past, what everyone went through.

Another two events that has an impact on my life was when the first Kodak cameras came around, although we do not use this to this day. I strongly believe they have shaped the way photography has involved with the paper and actually having the images print from the camera. The other famous camera to this day, the 35mm Canon camera from 1927, started the journey for Canon Cameras in which had evolved for almost 100 years now.


A La Mode Studio The Finest African Photographic Art Print Triptych &  Reviews | Temple & Webster

This triptych really caught my attention because of how it is in black and white. It also really caught my eye because of how it reminded me of the horse triptych except this one is with different wild animals. They all seem to be very happy being photographed as they dont seem upset but content.